Failed to import vector data Error

Hello everyone!

I was trying to load a .CSV file in SNAP, and this error occurred:

Failed to import vector data. An I/O Error occurred: Neither lat/lon nor geometry column provided.

The datagram has the lat/lon columns and the geometry one.

Here, two rows and the header of the .CSV I’m using:

id,Day,Time,device_id,Longitude,Latitude,Speed_m_s,geo_dist,arc,chord,tortuosity index,birds_activity,geometry
7,2020-07-11,11:31:25.000,201576,9.263891220092772,43.69799041748047,9.72222222222222,6.196381469832303,10.456440642598036,10.111425456317123,0.9670045287805328,F,POINT (9.263891220092772 43.69799041748047)
8,2020-07-11,11:41:26.000,201576,9.254358291625977,43.75328826904297,11.666666666666666,4.260059172765732,4.691099341107852,4.215643725977582,0.8986472934043673,F,POINT (9.254358291625977 43.75328826904297)

Why do I keep receiving this error?

Thank you in advance! :grinning:

Hi chiarasalv23,

there are two with your csv

  1. The commas need to be replaced by tabs
  2. The Header for the geometry had to be changed to geometry:Point.

Main issue was the usage of comma as separator.

The help page is also not consistent. In one place it is said that multiple separator chars are possible at another location it is said that it must be a tab.

I’ve created a ticket for this.
[SNAP-1572] Help for CSV vector data import is not clear about the separator char - JIRA (

Attached is a CSV file with for your example.
PointData.csv (538 Bytes)

Thank you for the clarification! :grinning: