Failed to open image view (SL_2_LST)

I recently downloaded some S3A_SL_2_LST data from the S3 Pre-Operations Data Hub. After opening the xfdumanifest.xml in SNAP, it seems impossible to open image views of these Tie-Point Grids (no ‘Bands’ listed in the product). I get this error:

Failed to open image view. java.lang.illegalArgumentException: Width (0) and height (600) must be > 0.

I have tested with several LST products, on both Windows and Linux, and using the latest version of SNAP.

Thanks in advance !

I haven’t observed this problem yet. Can you tell me the names of some of the products were you see this problem?
Does it happen only with recent data products?

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Hi Marpet,
I bumped into this error using these recent products:


On the Pre-Ops Hub, I found one of these data sets (the last one). I could open all its tie point-grids and bands with SNAP 6.0 and the latest version on a Windows machine. So you could either try again to download the data set or tell me more precisely how to reproduce.

Hi TonioF,
Thanks for checking.
Now it turns out I cannot reproduce it either. For me it suddenly started to work fine (although I have no clue what has changed). One of my colleagues still encounters the issue. What information do you need from him?

Do you see an error icon in the bottom right corner? When you click on “Show and Report” and then “Show Details” you get a stack trace which would be useful to me. Otherwise try to find the messages.log file in your log folder ( in {your_home_directory}/AppData/Roaming/SNAP/var/log on windows machines ).
Aside from that, a short step-by-step description on what he did would be good. In particular: Which bands did he try to open?

Hi, so I had also this problem.
But I just updated the SNAP toolbox and now everything is ok.
I noted that before there were no “bands” when opening the LST files, so you could only access the “tie-point grids”, which failed.
Now, with all updates installed, the “bands” are also showing and can be accessed and viewed properly.
So if anyone encounters this problem, I would advice to install the most recent updates.


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