False color SWIR

Hi All. Please tell me, in simple words, what is the difference between the false color satellite images scheme SWIR-2, SWIR-1, Red and NIR, Red, Green. All I understand is that the former is - enhances a variety of objects in the image each feature of the Earth is well distinguishable from the other. Also used to detect and analyze aerosols. The second false scheme - also increases the distinguishability, but, as I understand it, only of plants and water (clean from turbid). There is also a third - SWIR, Green, Red - there too the presence of vegetation, etc. I can not understand the difference, they show practically the same thing? Is there a difference from changing RED to different ranges?

I found the primary source False Color Composite In Remote Sensing For Urban Areas one of the sources, he describes it, but I need more information.
P.S. I’m writing an article about spectral-area satellite imagery in agriculture.