Farewell & Welcome SNAP Community

Dear Forum and SNAP-Users,

You know me since years, I’ve been here since the very beginning and even before I did the moderation of the BEAM forum. But all good things come to an end. After 18 great years working on BEAM and SNAP a new venture begins for me. I will be leaving the SNAP project and therefore will not be as present here.

On the one hand, it only remains for me to thank you, the great community, ESA and my colleagues with whom I have worked over the years. On the other hand, I invite you to join me in my new venture, named EOMasters. If you are interested what I will do in the future, you can check out my new profile (@Marco_EOM). With this account, I will certainly show up here from time to time in the future. On the profile page you find also some social-media links to follow me.

See you & Ciao


Great thanks to you for all the patient ,kind and timely replies you have given to us in step forum. Good luck to you for your future career in the new venture.

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thanks a lot for all you’ve done for the community and all the best for your new venture @marpet

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Hail and farewell, @marpet

It’s been a pleasure and an honour to work with you. I wish you all the best in the future. Your help here has been exemplary.


Jan (once of S2, now of LSTM)

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Thank you, Marco, for all the thoughtfulness and goodness of your answers! May your future steps be fulfilled wih goodness as well!

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Dear Marco,
Thanks a lot for your dedication, expertise and support during these years.
Wishing you all the best in your new job!

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Thanks for the kind words and wishes.
I’m starting into my last working day now. Feels strange… :woozy_face:

Hi @marpet
Thanks for your time, dedication, support and to share your knowledge. I will be following you on your new venture!

Thank you for your great work on SNAP and good luck for your next venture.

Thanks for all the kind words and that you follow me on my new venture.
Now I take a break and then in a few weeks the first content should go live.

Thank you Marco, I’d like to thank you for your enormous contributions to SNAP and its precedessors both personally and on the behalf of ESA! :trophy:

All the best in your new endeavours,



Thank you for the outstanding support over the years, Marco @Marco_EOM, and all the very best in your new endeavors, you will do well.