Filename too long - Windows

This must have been raised elsewhere, but I couldn’t find anything - so apologies if that’s the case.

I’ve finally got the Sen2Cor plugin working on my Windows 10 machine, but now the filenames are so long that I can’t even rename them (Windows just makes a stupid happy but wrong sound). Needless to say they won’t open in SNAP (or Qgis). Even if I work out how to alter the filenames, won’t that affect the consistency of the XML file - meaning it won’t open the full product in SNAP? Any ideas?

Actually it is not necessary to rename the files. It is better to move the files. Let’s say to C:\s2…
This should solve the problem.

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Thanks marpet. That didn’t work initially, but when I changed the folder name from
“H:\Sentinel Sen2Cor


“H:\Sentinel Sen2Cor Processed\2016 Mar 30\S2A_USER_MTD_SAFL2A_PDMC_20160330T084950_R116_V20160327T002510_20160327T002510.xml”

it did. In short, I had to shorten the filename still, but did so without affecting the xml file.

Interesting. Because the following path works for me.

Anyway, you found a work around. And the data will be changed soon to avoid this path problem.

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