Finding IW & Bursts intersecting the polygon


Does anyone know if it is possible to extract information about the swath number and the burst ids that intersect with a polygon (AOI) without loading the scene to SNAP and manually checking it?

The input would be a raw SLC scene and AOI vector. The output - just a string like e.g. ‘IW1, 6, 7’. (here, IW1 - swath; 6 - firstBurstIndex, 7 - lastBurstIndex).

I have several polygons distributed worldwide and I would like to keep only a split subset of the SLC scene and delete the original files. For that I need to automate the process of splitting using ‘S-1 TOPS Split’. This is due to the storage space issues.


Hi, my app can give you the SLC data in GeoJSON format. You can use my web app here:

Enter the SLC scene ID and input your Copernicus Scihub username/password and you can view or download the GeoJSON file which allows you to use the SLC bursts in common GIS software.

I have plans to implement what you are trying to do but I have been busy. If you are familiar with Python and the geopandas library it’s kind of a quick thing to implement.

Code repo here:

Hi, I’ve updated the app so that you can check the intersecting bursts and subswaths. You need to specify the polygon in WKT format which you can get from here:

Or if you are familiar with Python you can just use stsa.intersecting_bursts() method. More documentation on the github repo.


Thank you a lot! I just tested the python code on my local data and it works (see below).
This makes everything so much easier =).
Once again, thanks!

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