First data not processed in Batch Processing

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I’m currently using a lot the “Batch Processing” tool for preprocessing of several data.
I noticed this tool systematically removes the first data from processing.
Do you know any way to avoid this ?

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@Caro: You found a solution for this issue? I am actually having the same problem…

First of all, I have to apologise for overlooking your post @Caro. Really sorry for this.

@Caro, @c3po
How do you use the batch processing tool? And which one do you mean? Do you refer to gpt?
Do you use a single operator or do you use a graph? And which operators do you use? What kind of data do you process?

Here are the basic steps (using GUI):

  1. Load all xml’s in SNAP and add them to the “Batch processing” window.
  2. Use “Load graph” to import graph (Read->Resample->Write)
  3. Set Resampling (Reference Band = B3)
  4. Enter “Run”

Is there anything wrong about that? Thanks @marpet

PS: If there is a way to use GPT to do it via command line I’d prefer that, but if possible, what does the syntax look like for that?


Ah, you are referring to the Batch Processing in the GUI. maybe @lveci can have a look at this.

Regarding the processing on the command line. Invoke gpt -hto get help. gpt is located in the bin folder of the SNAP installation.
In general, you can specify the graph or operator which you want to execute the parameters and the source product. In order to process multiple products you can write a little command line script.

Could you take a look at this please if you wouldn’t mind? I could use some help in figuring out how to run band-math on multiple products