Fixed center and fixed area

Please this is important for me

I want to crop a specific part of the 400 sentinel-1 images with a fixed center and a fixed area (the best is " square")

the center is (lat: 41.3644 , lon: -106.2394)
And i want choose 20 pixels around this point from all directions where this point (lat: 41.3644 , lon: -106.2394) in the middel for all images.

I tried a lot using Subset but the size is difference and the point I want in the middle is variable in all pictures.

do that one by one or all image in same time.

sounds like the Pixel Extraction tool is the tool of your choice. You can define it once in a graph and apply it to all Sentinel-1 images in the batch mode.

thank you very much
i will try
this shape like i need