I find a flooddetectiongraph.xml in the graph builder. how can i know the algorithm of the flood detection. for what kinds of data it can be used. How can I check it ?Thank you!

This is something currently in development for another ESA project. The operators for this have been disabled in the release but unfortunately the graph was still included. It should be functional in the next release.

Thanks for your reply. And do you mean that the flooddetection function can not use? why? It has some problem?

Flooding is easy to map even without extra tool as water generally is easy to classify.

Here you can find probably the easiest method of masking out flooded areas. Then exporting to format of your choice.

River flood tracking

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yes, thanks. I know it is not a difficult method to detection flood. Because I have used the flood detection function to extract some water area for envisat asar wsm mode images. So most of them are ok for extracting water. So now I just want to make sure the flooddetection function’s algorithm can works in some case.

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Do you recommend some python script for SAR water extraction? Thanks

Hi dear Iveci. I have a quastion about modeling flood extent using sar images. if we have both amplitude and phase information(band) in slc product, why we use GRD formats and amplitude band?