Flooded Vegetation

I’m in the learning phase with SAR data trying to use Sentinel 1 to detect flood in a location in the Amazon region.

I’m having trouble detecting flooded areas in places with vegetation. Any suggestions /step by step can I use to improve flood mapping in vegetated areas?

Thanks for your help.

what approach did you select for the detection of flooded areas? Threshold-based identification or supervised classification?

Unlike open areas, flooded vegetation is often characterized by an increase of backscatter (instead of a decrease), because if higher occurrence of double-bounce effects

Please check this review article, it contains nice explanations on the nature of flooded vegetation: SAR-based detection of flooded vegetation – a review of characteristics and approaches .

Also, the discussions in these topics might be helpful:

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Hello @ABraun. I’m using threshold for detection.
Applying the methodology: http://www.un-spider.org/advisory-support/recommended-practices/recommended-practice-flood-mapping/step-by-step

yes, this works well for open water bodies. Flooded vegetation or urban flooding is more complicated. Maybe the approach in this tutorial is more suitable in your case?
Flood Mapping Tutorial