Found non-noded intersection between LINESTRING

Hello Team,

I’m trying to stack multiple Geotiff products using Radar-> Coregistration-> Create Stack tool
The products i/p look like this

I try to Stack using - Initial offset method - PRODUCT GEOLOCATION

Also, I want a common overlapping area so I chose MINIMUM, but I get the following error

Whereas, When i change the O/P Extents to MASTER - it shows no error.
When I opt for - FIND OPTIMAL MASTER - i get the following

Now, I let it take the default master (that’s the first product).
But, once the stacking seems to be done, it just displays the first master product - whereas the rest all are blank & produce the following error

What could be the issue?
Partly, the format is the issue
But there should be a way to work out with GeoTIFFs too right

you said it yourself, the GeoTiff has no metadata. As in the other topics: If you work with radar data in SNAP, you should really stick to the BEAM DIMAP format as long as possible, because it defines how the data is organized and what are its properties, units, geometries…
FAQ: Why should I stick to the BEAM-DIMAP format as long as possible?

Completely makes sense.
But, I had to opt for a python package for TNR correction because the SNAP algorithm isn’t completely able to remove thermal noise.
So, that product returns processed geotiff data.

Hence I have to either compromise on thermal noise in cross-pol data or format.

ok, I see…

You can try to use GITASAR: SAR image processing for beginners which fully processes Sentinel-1 data and also includes the removal of thermal noise. Maybe it is more effective than SNAP and allows you to continue the preprocessing.

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