From PolSARpro to GeoTIFF format

Hi dears,

Thanks to this tutorial I managed to orthorectify my “.bin” results. But it’s a long process…

I’m a bit surprised that there I is no simple scriptable way to generate geocoded output (GeoTIFF) of PolSARpro for a visualisation in a GIS soft (cf Qgis/Arcgis) in order to generate maps. I should have miss something right?

Any tips on this topics are warmly welcomes!


What data are you using and what exactly have you analyzed in PolSARpro?

Ah yes sorry, I’m playing with S1 data, generating alpha/anisotropy/entropy/shannon_entropy and different combinaisons in order to discriminate electric pylons and explore what could be detected thanks to polarimetry (mainly environmental application).

if you are fine with Alpha/Anisotropy/Entropy you can calculate all of them inside SNAP. Only Shannon Entropy is not implemented.

Yes I saw that and I gonna try, but those are also investigation for further process.
I’m looking forward NISAR and Sentinel1C/Sentinel1D.

Is SNAP going to implement Yamaguchi, Singh and other decompositions in the futur ?

Yamaguchi is implemented, but I don’t think it works for dual-polarized data.