From Sentinel-1 GRD [in Python + R] to SAR vegetation indices and polarimetric descriptors

Hey guys,

Recently we have gathered some snappy features to process Sentinel-1 GRD Level-1 products, in order to generate dual-pol SAR vegetation indices and dual polarimetric descriptors. So I’ve created the GitHub repository to share the codes, which might be helpful for someone here. The repository contains a pipeline blending Python and R features, first to: download, preprocess, and compute Sentinel-1 SAR vegetation indices (all in Python); following for image sampling in R.

It can be accessed through:

Also, I’d like to invite interested people in contributing to the repo, even point errors.


Thanks seem interesting! If I will have something relevant, I will contribute :wink:

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It would be nice to receive any kind of contributions, @Teracotta. Feel free to suggest and/or criticize.