Fusion Sentinel-1with sentinel-3

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1- Excuse me, may I know how I can fusion between s1 and s2 to work with the river surface elevations?

2- Which tools can I use in SNAP to measure the widths of rivers from Sentinel-1 images?
3- Which tools can use in SNAP to get the river surface elevations with the sentinel-3 image

Thank you in advance.


there are two documents dealing with data fusion from different satellite platforms.

You can find them in the tutorial section of the STEP website.
You might find other interesting tutorials there.

A measurement tool is included in SNAP. With this you can measure the width.

To any product, which is georeferenced, you can add an elevation band.
And you can select from multiple DEMs.

Afterwards you can see the elevation values in the PixelInfo View.


May I ask please, can monitor the river discharge by Sentinel-3, if yes, how?