GBP BandMerge sourcebands

I would like to use the BandMerge operator for merging only given bands from a set of sources. Looking at the help of the operator I see a “sourceBands” parameter, so I tried by creating the following XML code.

bandmerge_use.xml (630 Bytes)

But the final result is that all the bands in all the sourceProducts are included into the output.

Where am I wrong?


Hi Giulio

Maybe you have seen the sourcebands parameter of an other operator. The Merge operator doesn’t have this parameter.

Attached is the help for the Merge operator.
merge-help.txt (1.4 KB)

Hi Marco,
indeed in the Help of SNAP it is mentioned only the “Merge” operator. However I discovered the “BandMerge” operator from the GraphBuilder and got the syntax with gpt BandMerge -h.

I had the doubt that Merge needs a “real” masterproducts (that is one based on a file), so considered BandMerge. If this is not the case then can I use the Merge operator and simply specify the bands to be included, without mentioning all the ones to be excluded?
For example in this way?
bandmerge_to_merge.xml (1.8 KB)


Oh, didn’t noticed that you are referring to BandMerge. I didn’t know that we have two merge operators.
BandMerge comes with the S1TBX. Maybe there was a reason why they have made there own merge operator. Maybe @lveci knows this and also how it should be used.

The xml you have specified looks good. Even though I never really used the refid attributes. But I think it can work.
The exclude parameter is currently not yet supported. So defining the bands you want to include is the way to go.

Dear Marco,
I made some attempts, but the Merge simply mergeed all the bands of all the products.
However I find a simple workaroud, by adding a BandMath which simply copied from the products the required bands and then I put it into the Write module.

However it would be useful to have better details (or example) on the Merge command help about the include parameter.