GC overhead limit stops me from creating Snappy workflows

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I have been working with Snap python and sentinel 1 a little bit and I find myself in the next situation. I need to process a bulk of SAR images and despite using the java.max.memory (80% of the RAM available on a processing unit) at some point the processing crashes.

RuntimeError: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded

Is there any way to free some RAM memory while processing from a Snappy point of view? In my case I have +40 SLC SAR images and I already exceed the RAM memory in the radiometric calibration (first step of the workflow).

By the way, does anyone knows how does GC module of python works?

Thanks a lot for your time and patience,

You can add del output_calibration after the ProductIO.writeProduct call to clear memory. To ensure that the memory clears before running the next calibration, you could add a sleep command of a half second.

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I’ll double check this!! And I’ll keep you updated! Thanks a lot!

Hello, it didn’t worked, I guess that the RAM is assigned to the Java Operator and not to the python variable (this might be kind of wrapper).

I have seen a post here with similar problems: Temporary fix for snappy memory issues

I’ll work on this.