Generate DEM using the Sentinel-2 Bands

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I would like to make the DEM using the Sentinel-2 bands. I had experience in generation of DEM using high-resolution optical images such as IRS-P5, Pleiades, and Worldview but about the sentinel-2, I don’t know it is possible or not. Could you please let me know?

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extracting surface heights from optical images requires the availability of images acquired from different angles. I don’t think the spatial resolution of Sentinel-2 images allows to exploit, or even to notice, the required parallax. According to the documentation, the shifts occur at a sub-pixel level and are corrected in the pre-processing of Sentinel-2 products already.
There are studies which use it for the detection of moving objects or clouds (, but I am not aware of any possibility to retrieve reliable elevation data, at least not with the same methods which are applied to IRS or Pléiades (classic photogrammetry or structure from motion).

Please someone correct me if I miss a point.

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@ABraun I agree with you. To generate the DEM file using the high-resolution optical images, we need to have two images with the situation of forwarding and backward views with the RPCs files, which I didn’t find for the Sentinel-2 sensor.

I needed to be confident about my view about this question, which was confirmed by you :pray: