Geo-Coding from GeoTIFF file

Hi, I’m trying to open Landsat 8 data from Collection 2. I know SNAP doesn’t support it yet, however USGS provides data in GeoTIFF format, so it is possible to open raw data from each band in SNAP. The problem is that SNAP does not read Geo-Coding information form GeoTIFF. I can see in QGIS that projection and extent are stored in GeoTIFF file. Is there any way to edit this information in SNAP?
Thank you in advance for your help

What versions of SNAP and QGIS are you using and what projection/CRS is used in the GeoTIFF files? It could be useful to post the output of gdalinfo for a Landsat 8 GeoTIFF.

The unique advantage of SNAP is the detailed sensor-specific support A survival guide to Landsat preprocessing gives an overview of Landsat workflows with emphasis on ecology. Landsat How to Use Data mentions ArcGIS, Processing Landsat 8 Using Open Source Tools (mapbox), and MultiSpec.

ALOS 2 Level 1.5 data problem is another example of SNAP’s limitations for unsupported sensors.

I use SNAP 8.0 and have tried to load data with 3 different SNAP options that do not seem to be dedicated to a specific sensor:

They all give the same result, the data is read, but without the geocoding information

These SNAP readers work fine with GeoTIFF from a variety of sources, but not with the L8 Collection 2. I think this is probably related to the GeoTIFF version. Older USGS geoTIFFs (e.g. individual bands from Collection 1) are read correctly.

QGIS 3.11 and ArcGISPro 2.8.0 correctly read geocoding information from L8 C2 GeoTIFF (this is UTM, zones 32-35N depending on granules):

I am able to solve the problem by rewriting files using GIS, however I am looking for a simple solution for students who are unfamiliar with GIS but work with SNAP. So my question, is it possible to edit geocoding information in SNAP if the data is projected and I know how the raster grid is defined?