Geocode Stripmap mode (SM) SLC data


I have been trying out to geocode the stripmap mode slc data (as it provide 5x5 m resolution).
I am following the steps which are followed to geocode IW mode data:

  1. Apply orbit file
  2. Calibration
  3. Deburst
  4. Multi-Looking
  5. Geocode - Range-Doppler TC

I face an error at calibration stage.

stating that, calibration must be applied before deburst.

could some one help me out to solve this issue.

Stripmap-mode data has no bursts, so it does not need to be debursted.

Hi Mengdahl,

Thanks for your response.

this error is occurred at Calibration stage. I have not yet performed the deburst step.

Could you let me know the all processing steps for SM mode data to be geocoded.

This was fixed recently but hasn’t been released in an update yet. It’ll be available soon.

Hi Lveci,

Thanks for the info.
May I know the expected date of release of the next module.