Geocoding grid inconsistency

As part of terrain correction we have been using the option but it appears to be aligning on the pixel centre, not the coverage. This is inconsistent with the Sentinel-2 products where the coverage aligns with the pixel edges and the pixel geolocation is reported (as per the pixel is area convention) as half a pixel width and height from the coverage edge.

For example, this subset of a 60m resampled Sentinel 2 tile has the GeoTIFF coverage with a 411600m easting whilst the corner pixel (centre) is correctly located at 411630m
Conversely a Sentinel-1 terrain corrected/geocoded product, subset to -1.0 degrees longitude to 0.0 degrees longitude has GeoTIFF coverage metadata half a (1x10-4 degree) pixel of set west (and north) . Again, the pixel centre geolocation is half a pixel off

In other words, the is applied to the pixel centre when is should be applied to align the pixel edges to the grid, as per the Sentinel 2 products and as requested in the coverage subset parameters (-1.0 to 0.0 degrees longitude not -1.00005 to -0.00005 degrees longitude delivered).