Geocoding H A alpha products

Hi forum, this is the first time I use S1TB for polarimetric purposes.

I have some TerraSAR-X dual pol HH-VV stripmap SLC ascending.

I was supposing to follow these steps to derive dual pol H, A, alpha products?:

1 calibration with complex output
2 polarimetric filtering (i.e. refined Lee)
3 dual pol H, A, alpha decomposition
4 geocoding

The big question is: how to geocode the decomposition products? Using Radar > Geometric > Range doppler terrain correction?

Thank you very much

yes. If you have data in slant range geometry the best way to geocode is the Range Doppler terrain correction as it removes geometric distortions due to terrain effects.

Thank you very much ABrown.
Yes, I would like to geocode the A, H and alpha images that are coming out from the dual pol decomposition step. Thank you

hello, I alos would like to geocode the data by Range Doppler terrain correction, but why is the geocoded image incomplete?

Why do you think it is incomplete?

Just to add here:

Thanks for your reply!