Geocoding in PolSARpro

When i used the polsarpro(5.1 version) to deal the ALOS-2 data(L1.1CEOS) at the

i don’t know how to resolve this question .
Also,when i used the polsarpro(6.0 version),click the Sentine-A/B mission,and after the enter,it show the Error:can`t read 'widget(PSPEDUCI).

So,if anybody konws how to deal with this problem,please tell me ,thank you !

the first problem is

Just to go sure - is your study area outside the SRTM coverage?

Have you tried downloading the corresponding DEM and using it as an external DEM?

I do not know this in your case, but Geocoding (including multi-looking) should not be the first step, because it drastically changes the scattering properties of the actual pixels

Thank for your answer,
First, I use the San Francisco (Nov. 11, 2009 and Aug. 21, 2018) Stripmap,the Sample Product.I think it may not outside the SRTM coverage.And i would try downloading the corresponding DEM and using it as an external DEM.
Second,before the Geocoding process,i have done the extract polsar images and when i used the Utilities->SNAP-S1 TBX->Geocode[T3]matrix,in this processing procedure ,it show the problem,(A PROBLEM OCCURED DURING THE GEOCODING)

ok, San Francisco is covered, but maybe your firewall blocks the retrieval of the SRTM. Try downloading it manually and select “External”.
Maybe this already solves the error, please report.

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

Hi, I am also facing the similar case. “A PROBLEM OCCURING DURING THE GEOCODING”. I just downloaded the external dem, and doing again, but somehow the result still same. Anybody can help?

Is PolSARpro correctly linked to snap64.exe?

Maybe your data lies outside the SRTM coverage?