geocoding shp which is slant range

Is there any tool in SNAP can be used to geocode shapefile (slant range) to shapefile (ground range)?
If yes, which data is need for that tool?
By the way, the shapefile is from third-party software.

Many thanks!

Is there anyone can help me or offer some comment?


Hi buddy, did you get any solution as of now? Facing kind of issue as of now.


It should open normally… Have you tried opening a SAR image that’s been projected into ground range and importing the shapefile as a vector into it?

You can open shapefiles in SNAP, but you can’t geocode them. They must be already geocoded. For doing this, you might use QGIS or other software.

Ah, thanks for the update over this thread.

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Although this topic has been posted for a long time, I find out an alternative trick by myself and I update it below for reference.

As far as I know, there is no tool to geocode shapefile (slant range) to shapefile (ground range).

Thus, I convert shapefile (slant range) to raster (slant range) in GIS software like ArcGIS and make sure the image size/cell size of raster (slant range) is same as its original SAR image which is used to generate shapefile (slant range).
Then, I put original SAR image and the raster (slant range) into SNAP.
I use band math tool to create a new band in original SAR image and its content is the raster (slant range).
Final step is that using gecoding tool in SANP and convert the geocoded raster back to shapeflie in third-party software.

Hope that helps.

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