Geographic attribute of L2A jp2 files

Hello all,
I performed the 10m atmospheric correctin by applying the sen2cor algorithm and using the workaround for the 10m resolution correction.

After the correction process I noticed something: if for the L1C product all jp2 files are stored with their specific geographic attribute, it isn’t the same for the L2A jp2 files.

I mean that if I load a single L1C jp2 file in GIS software like Qigis the te software recognize geometric resolution and EPSG of the single file. But if I load a L2A jp2 file this does not happen.

I can use the xml metadata to set all this thing with few line of code but I’d like to know if is this normal.

If I try to export the L2A file in a different format, the Snap software has no problem and correctly write the geographic attribute.

Thanks to all for the attention.

I am sorry. I have just found that this is a known issue within this forum

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