Geometric quality failed

Hi, I am facing some Sen2 images that have failed the geometric quality test( can be seen in product specification before downloading the product). I wonder what it means? At first, I thought it might be due to georeferencing problem but it seems it is not. I overlaid some accurate online WMS on it and they fit pretty well! I wonder anyone has any ideas about these products? I mean is it safe to use them?
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do these answers help?

Thank you ABraun. As far as I understood, There might be couple of meters error in location. My scene is S2A_MSIL1C_20160831T095032_N0204_R079_T35VMJ_20160831T095217.SAFE. It seems almost all images in August 2016 have the same problem, which is a bummer since I am interested just in August for my research. The link you sent for data quality report is not working, I wonder apart from product attributes if there is any other quality report inside downloaded product?

here is the latest version:

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Hello Ziya @reza5635

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Can you give me an idea of the products in question you have issues with? I presume the GEOMETRIC_QUALITY Report highlights the issue? It may well be that what you are seeing is the EPHEMERIS_QUALITY being flagged as out of range. Can you confirm, please?

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S2 MPC/CC Operations Manager

Hi Jan, sorry for the late answer and happy new year to you too. I just noticed your wonder. Yes I confirm that it was geometric quality reported as failed! To be honest, due to that issue I used 2017 images and skipped 2016 ones due to that issue. I could not take the risk.

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