Georeferencing a sentinel 1 image on SNAP

When i uploaded my GRD sentinel-1 image on SNAP it was inverted, what tools can i use to georeference the image on SNAP?

You will need to apply at least two algorithms (from Sentinel-1 Toolbox): Apply Orbit File and Range-Doppler Terrain Correction. With these two tools, you’ll be able to download (automatically) precise orbit vectors for the accurate position of the platform when capturing the scene, and the Terrain Correction will perform orthorectification of your GRD product. After applying these two algorithms, in sequence, your image is gonna look correct (uninverted). Make sure SNAP has internet access because it will need to download a Digital Elevation Model to perform Terrain Correction.

PS.: you may need to use other processing steps before Terrain Correction, like despeckling, removing antenna noise, etc.

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