Geotiff exported is too large?

I use snap to extract water areas(using the flood extraction function)from the Asar data. There is a mask generated. and then I convert the water mask to a band and than subset it to a 1-band image. and then I export the band as geotiff. But the image size is too big to 1G. It just water area and no water area. but the geotiff is a 16bit images. I donnot think it needs a 16-bit image here. Can I export a smaller size image like this kind of application?

There is a dataType conversion operator

Thank you! The problem solved

I am also facing the similar problem. I am working with Sentinal 1 GRD product for flood mapping. After completing all the the processing steps when exporting geotiff its size exceeds even 2-3 GB (even after band subsetting). Plz help me out in this case as these files are very bulky and could not be handled in QGIS/ArcMap smoothly

Instead of exporting to GeoTiff try exporting to GeoTiff / BigTiff.
This should work

Thank you marpet for your response. But even after exporting to GeoTiff/ Bigtiff problem not fixedCapture

You want to use a 26GB Geotiff file?
Maybe you split it into smaller regional chunks, then applications can handle this amount of data.
Also, for the “smaller” files it could be better to reduce the region.
Is it necessary to use GeoTiff? You could also try NetCDF4

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Unless the software is specially coded to manage these large file sizes (and most aren’t) you will need to have sufficient memory in your computer to handle this… even 32GB may not be enough because of the concept of double buffering and the like.