GeoTiff not seen as a SAR-Product

Hello everyone,

I’m quite new to working with Snap and I’ve got a problem when importing a certain .tiff-file that should represent a S1A-IW-SLC-VV burst.

You can find the file and everything else I’m referring to in my Google Drive:

Here’s the problem:
I can’t get TestBurst.tiff to work in Snap because it is not getting recognized as a SAR-Product allthough it has 2 bands just like the reference file (which is the other .tiff in my Google Drive). What I found out is that the bands are not seen as real / imaginary parts of the picture like the reference file is. I’ve tried changing it and also saving it as a .dim but that didn’t help sadly.

So my questions is:
How can I manipulate TestBurst.tiff in such a way that it gets recognized as being a SAR-Product so that I can Calibrate (Radar -> Radiometric -> Calibrate) or do a Coregistration (Radar-> Coregistration -> s1 TOPS Registration -> S1 Back Geocoding) like I can with the reference .tiff?

I don’t know if this is relevant but maybe it helps:
TestBurst.tiff is an export out of a database. I guess in the process of inserting the reference file into the database or while exporting it, important metadata is being lost.

I would truly appreciate any help!

Hello Steven,
I am very interested in your question, has your problem been effectively solved?

Clipping and geocoding SAR data and storing it as GeoTiff is rather irreversible, especially if you need the complex real and imaginary parts. Any chance to go back to the original product ans process it inside SNAP in BEAM DIMAP format to conserve all metadata?

Correct, a GeoTIFF is an image format and not a satellite product.