GeoTiff not seen as a SAR-Product

Hello everyone,

I’m quite new to working with Snap and I’ve got a problem when importing a certain .tiff-file that should represent a S1A-IW-SLC-VV burst.

You can find the file and everything else I’m referring to in my Google Drive:

Here’s the problem:
I can’t get TestBurst.tiff to work in Snap because it is not getting recognized as a SAR-Product allthough it has 2 bands just like the reference file (which is the other .tiff in my Google Drive). What I found out is that the bands are not seen as real / imaginary parts of the picture like the reference file is. I’ve tried changing it and also saving it as a .dim but that didn’t help sadly.

So my questions is:
How can I manipulate TestBurst.tiff in such a way that it gets recognized as being a SAR-Product so that I can Calibrate (Radar -> Radiometric -> Calibrate) or do a Coregistration (Radar-> Coregistration -> s1 TOPS Registration -> S1 Back Geocoding) like I can with the reference .tiff?

I don’t know if this is relevant but maybe it helps:
TestBurst.tiff is an export out of a database. I guess in the process of inserting the reference file into the database or while exporting it, important metadata is being lost.

I would truly appreciate any help!