Get Band Pixel-Value Expression in Snappy

Hello everyone.
I am raising a problem which I haven’t found much info about anywhere.

Context: I am using snappy for interferometry with sentinel-1 data and I want to apply a coherence mask BEFORE unwrapping. So, by following various instructions, I have come to find out that I have to modify the Phase expression (I won’t go into details right now as it’s out of scope).

Anyway, I am now stuck, because, in order to what I described above, I have to extract the Pixel-Value Expression of the Phase band (so I can make this a new variable; the new expression will be a function of the phase (this variable) and the coherence band). See image below.

I am able to print out all the other raster band properties except for this one. See below:

(I put the first expression at the end so that you can see that the other one gives None (although this is also wrong: I have tried modifying that second expression and saving the product, but it still prints out “None”: but this is an issue for another time.))

And this is the python function used, in case you’re interested:

import snappy
from snappy import ProductIO, HashMap, GPF

def read(product):
    prod_read = ProductIO.readProduct(product)
    operator_name = 'BandSelect'
    parameters = HashMap()
    parameters.put('bandNamePattern', 'Phase.*')
    band_phase = GPF.createProduct(operator_name, parameters, prod_read)
    bands_phase = band_phase.getBands()
    for band1 in bands_phase:
        phase_band = band1.getName()
        name = band_phase.getBand(phase_band).getName()
        print(f"band name: {name}")

        unit = band_phase.getBand(phase_band).getUnit()
        print(f"band unit: {unit}")

        dt = band_phase.getBand(phase_band).getDataType()
        print(f"band dt: {dt}")

        size = band_phase.getBand(phase_band).getRasterSize()
        print(f"band size: {size}")
        expression2 = band_phase.getBand(phase_band).getValidPixelExpression()
        print(f"band Valid-Pixel Expression: {expression2}")

        expression1 = band_phase.getBand(phase_band).getPixelValueExpression()
        print(f"band Pixel-Value Expression: {expression1}")

    return None

Any suggestion would be much appreciated. I have looked extensively at the SNAP API manual
(Overview (SNAP Engine API)), as well as the snap-core repo (master branch, downloaded from git), and tried other functions but still I was not able to find the right solution.

Thank you in advance!

Hello @diana_harosa , I’ve been suggested to try and tag you. Would you be able to help perhaps? Thanks in advance.

Hi @soutmani,
The Pixel-Value Expression is a property specific to virtual bands. To get its value, you can use the getExpression() method of the VirtualBand class which is a subclass of the Band class (for more details, see VirtualBand (SNAP Engine API) ).

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Hi @diana_harosa @soutmani, I can’t find how to switch from Band to VirtualBand if my code looks like this for example:

bands = list(product.getBandNames())
phase = [b for b in bands if b.startswith("Phase")][0]
band = product.getBand(phase)

You can cast the band like so:

from esa_snappy import VirtualBand
vBand = jpy.cast(bands, VirtualBand)
expression = vBand.getExpression()

Here you can find an example 43 - senbox-org/snap-examples

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