Get file location of source product


I am currently implementing a processor in python.
I get the source product with this code:
source_product = context.getSourceProduct(‘source’)
Afterwards I would like to get the path where this source product was loaded from (to get other helper files from there).
I tried:
but the result is always “None”.

The source product is correctly loaded, no problems working with the data.

Is there a different way to get this file location? Or is this not possible?
Thanks for any hints!!
Kind regards

Maybe the file location is not set because the product exists only in memory. And is not stored on the disk.
Probably you are using your processor from the GUI, and you made a subset of your original product.

thank you for the fast reply.
This solved my problem.
I did a resampling after I loaded the product. Without this I was able to get the file location.