Get latitude and longitude data from MSI product

Hello! I’m working on a project using Sentinel-2 data and need to get the latitudes and longitudes of the MSI data. With Sentinel-3 I could find this information as another band and easily access it with snappy but with Sentinel-2 I just can’t find it.

Any help with this would be a real life saver! thanks in advance.

Are your data mapped to a regular grid?

See: Attaching longitude and latitude to pixels

My data is the way it comes when downloaded from ESA. I just extracted the RGB bands using Band Extractor in SNAP and made a subset also using SNAP.

I managed to extract the data from the RGB bands to python using snappy and now need to get the lat/lon data so I can write a geotiff.

Also, the command line tool gdalinfo can print the latitude/longitude relevant parameters stored with the headers of the MSI JP2 images.
For example see here:

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