Get pins back into Pin manager


I had defined a bunch of pins. At some point I deleted those from the Pin manager and also closed the Pin manager (so I can’t get them back via an undo).

The pins do however continiue to exist in the product’s Vector Data/pin category (as well as in the Masks/pin category - how did they get into the latter? is that happening automatically?). They are even still shown in the image and in the Spectrum view. Adding new pins with the Pin placing tool adds the new ones in the Vector Data/pins (and they are showing up in the Spectrum View), but they do not appear in the Pin Manager at all. Moreover, none of the Pin Manager buttons is clickable anymore :frowning:

How can I get the pins back there and the Pin Manager to work again?

okayyyyy… :man_facepalming:

closing the “placemark window” (aka the window with the Vector data/pin table) helps. :laughing: