Getting gpt working on Mac OS

Hi there,

I have been using the Graph Processing Tool for processing some Sentinel 1 data through the GUI and need to get it working in the Mac terminal, for eventual use of scaling it up to much larger workflows on a Linux system.

However I am struggling to get it working, as the command snap --help is not recognised, (even though snap is correctly installed) and the gpt command is taken up by a partitioning software of the same name which is needed on this work laptop.

The snap directory itself is located in /Users/chris/.snap/ and the graph xmls themselves are further down the directory tree in graphs/User\ Graphs/*.xml

How can I get the snap gpt working on Mac in this situation? Or would a virtual machine/batch processing tool like pyroSAR be a better alternative?

Thanks in advance,


The partitioning software hides SNAP gpt in your case. You need to use the full path instead.
By default SNAP is installed at /Applications/snap
So you need to invoke

/Applications/snap/bin/gpt -help

The directory /Users/chris/.snap/ you have mentioned is used for application data but does not contain the executables.

Many thanks for that, worked like a charm for the gpt graphs I have already.