GIP_TL.xml file not created with Sen2Cor 2.5.5

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I was seeing that Level-2A products available at Copernicus SciHub does not have the GIP_TL.xml file in the AUX_DATA folder, like older ones still available in SciHub.

So I tested the Sen2Cor 2.5.5 and the GIP_TL.xml file is not created.

Is there any other file that now stores the Level-2A Processing Parameters, used by Sen2Cor?


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Pedro Venâncio


I have also searched for the GIP_TL.xml file but there isn’t one at Sentinel 2 Level 2A (available since 2018) products. There is only a file named AUX_ECMWFT.

GIP_TL.xml file exists though at the Level2Ap (available since 2017) products along with AUX_ECMWFT.file.

I would also like to ask the following:

1 . Were can we find the GIP_TL.xml file of S2 Level2A products ?

Can someone provide an indicative GIP_TL.xml for S2 Level2A products so as to see what are the procedure parameters?

2. Do Level2Ap and Level2A products have been produced via the same Sen2Cor process i.e. were the same parameters set during the Sen2cor processing?

3. Is there an adequate elimination of the terrain/topographic effect at L2A and L2Ap products? Will someone get products of better quality by setting different parameters while processing L1C products via Sen2Cor (besides of course the fact of using a different DEM) and producing its own L2A products?

4.1 I can see that Level2Ap process has taken into account a DEM file for the terrain/topographic correction to eliminate the terrain/topographic effect, right?

4.2 Is this the SRTM 90m dowloaded automatically during Sen2Cor process from

4 .3 Are Level2A products produced using this specific SRTM 90m DEM too?

5 . Are the ESA CII layer available here

ESACCI-LC for Sen2Cor data package

54 tif files, zip compression - 5.1Go

Rem: includes LC maps, water bodies v4 and snow products

taken into account for the production of the products 2Ap and 2A? I don’t recognise any relevant footprint in the GIP_TL.xml file of L2Ap.

6. Do update versions of Sen2Cor produce better quality L2A products than the one already available for download from the Copernicus Hub?

I have already submitted these questions at the RUS Copernicus forum and I am waiting for the request to be approved by the administrator

Thank you for your time!

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