glacier velocity products after off set tracking

i have created velocity products usnig offset tracking on snap. now I want to export those onto qgis. i tried using simple export as geo-tiff but I am not getting the desired results. please guide me through this…

Have you seen this? Export of products from SNAP

ill try this asap. thankyou
ill update you the result. hopefully this works

For the benefit of others who read this thread in the future, it might be helpful to elaborate on how the geoTIFF was created and what you mean by:

There have been issues where geoTIFF file contained single band but QGIS/ArcGIS didn’t scale the data correctly orRGBA images whe raw data was required.

Please be sure to update this thread when you find a solution.

For the benefit of others:
I used Sentinel-1 data for Glacier Velocity estimations. I use the Offset Tracking Algorithm pre-defined on SNAP software on the SAR Sentinel-1 data. Then I applied the corrected orbit files, co-registered the data, and then finally applied the Offset Tracking Algorithm.
I was able to get the Results after some changes in parameters that were set in the Offset-Algorithm by default. You can select desired parameters like the window frame size or the max and min velocities based on your area of interest and literature review.
By the term Desired results I wanted to say that the result values that I was getting were not in understand with the previous values that I had based on other researches and methods.

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