Glcm feature

Does anyone know by any chance what is the main difference of texture features of Entropy, and Dissimilarity?


Hard to describe.
These pages helped me a lot:




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Thanks ABraun! I have read the GLCM- related materials on that site, and it did help me to understand better how GLCM is calculated.

But in theory I didn’t find that info. explaining Entropy as a texture feature. Meanwhile, on the website it s mentioned that “Variance is a measure of the dispersion of the values around the mean. It is similar to entropy. It answers the question “What is the dispersion of the difference between the reference and the neighbour pixels in this window?””

How variance is similar to entropy, i didnt get it! :slight_smile:

If you are more into numbers:

This paper explains the measures of the GLCM from scratch. It was the first appearance of many of these in the context of image interpretation.

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