GLCM texture analysis: different flows produce different output for the same sentinel image

Dear all,

While testing the GLCM texture analysis I’ve found that two different flows, produce two different images, namely,

  1. Resample all bands to 10m (a requirement to use GLCM) → make GLCM on all bands
  2. Resamples all bands to 10m → subset only one band → make GLCM on that specific band

Note: process 2 is equal to: subset one band and rescale to 10m → compute GLCM on resulting band.

Moreover, this difference does not show in all bands!

Take in consideration the image: S2A_MSIL2A_20190814T090601_N0213_R050_T35TML_20190814T114857 and band 7 of that image.

The result of computing the contrast, I’ve the following result:

On the right, is the original band. On the center, result of process 1 and on the left, results of process 2.

For other features of B7 (mean), the result is the same:

This is not exclusive for B7 (for example, B06 was another showed the same behavior), but it does not happen to all of the bands. Should the GLCM only be used on a single band? Is this an expected behavior?

I’m using SNAP 8.0.5 with JRE 1.8.0 on a Windows 10, with no updates available for SNAP.