GLCM - Window Size and Displacement parameters

i’ve searched in previous posts about these GLCM parameters and i found infos, but i’m still a bit confused about them.
If displacement indicate distance from the reference pixel at which to check the co-occurrence, what for is window size?

This is an excellent GLCM tutorial put out by a professor at the University of Calgary: Hope this helps!

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yes, i read that tutorial and it helped me to get how GLCM works.
Anyway thanks for reply and sharing.
I think that i understood what those parameters are for, but i wish you could confirm eventually.
Displacement is distance at which reference pixel is confronted, mainwhile window size is used for the calculation of statistics on the obtained GLCM fetures.
Is it right?

I am sorry I am not sure what you’re asking, are you referring to delta?

those are two parameters to set in the SNAP GLCM tool and i was wondering if i’m right about their meaning.

Ok i found the meaning of those parameters:

Displacement: is distance at which reference pixel is confronted around the Angle also defined (ALL means in all directions etc)
Window size: is the size of the window used to scan the image because if we are looking for local textures it makes no sense to calculate GLCM for the whole image (it would be also very computing intensive).
Therefore the displacement value can’t be higher than: windows_size -1