Global scale Sentinel-1 backscatter and InSAR processing system

I’m sharing our article on global scale backscatter / InSAR processing that was recently published:

Building on this work, we have also published a series of five blog posts with more details specific to our InSAR processing and infrastructure monitoring approach:

  1. Sentinel-1 Technical Series Part 1 | Burst Mapping: Random Seeks into PB Scale Non Cloud-Optimized Data Archives
  2. Sentinel-1 Technical Series Part 2 | SAR Geocoding: Working with SAR and InSAR data in geospatial frameworks
  3. Sentinel-1 Technical Series Part 3 | Global scale InSAR
  4. SAR Technical Series Part 4 | Sentinel-1 global velocity layer: Using global InSAR at scale
  5. Sentinel-1 Technical Series Part 5 | Targeted analysis
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Thanks for sharing your interesting work @piyushrpt ! I do not see it mentioned in the paper, but may I ask if the source code or part of it is open source?

@clausmichele - the software used for implementing this is not in the public domain. However, it is easily replicable with any of the open source tools - SNAP, ISCE or GMTSAR. In ISCE terminology for example, the one I’m most familiar with, it is essentially a geo2rdr + resamp_slc. There are workflows in isce3 that are in public domain that could possibly be used already - e.g., GitHub - opera-adt/COMPASS: COregistered Multi-temPorAl Sar Slc

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