GMT Installation Error

I am going to work in new environment of GMT and GMTSAR i am initially trying to install GMT in Virtual machine with 22.04.1 ubuntu but i am getting this error while running command “sudo make install” and unable to find solution yet. can anyone help with it?

Why are you installing such an old GMT5 version from source? I think GMTSAR 6.2.2 can use GMT6 which should be available in Ubuntu 22.04.

Your best source of help will be the GMT Community Forum. Your particular problem has already been reported as Generic MappingTools Issues 4019 and fixed in the github repository (Aug. 2020) so after the last 6.4.0 release. Whenever I have built GMT from source there many issues that needed to be addressed.

Some advice:

  • when post to online forums, terminal (text) output should be entered as text – in this forum using the </> (preformatted text <Ctrl-E>) button. This will allow searches to find your post, so reduces duplication of already solved topics. One goal of online forums is to avoid having to deal with the same problems over and over.

  • minimize use of sudo as a small mistake can destroy a linux installation. In this case, use sudo chown <user>:<group> /usr/local/gmt-5.4.5 so you run make without the need for sudo.

  • normally you should use a sequence like:

$ make
$ make check
$ sudo make install

Thankyou so much for source and suggestions. your advice is helpful, i have download the new version of GMT and hopefully it will work.
Thanks once again.