Gold explorer (treasures) underground

Subject: Gold explorer (treasures) underground.
I want you to explain the most powerful technology in the world in detecting the effects:

  • Satellites
    What is the truth about the detection of satellite tombs for underground imaging is only by satellites that use radar rays in imaging, which results in pancromatic black and white images.

Question about Satellite:
• How to measure the depths of buried targets accurately and clearly.
• How it works in all regions, terrain and climate.
• How to determine the type of metal and details of the target before prospecting.
• How to check the quantity, size and depth of the target before extracting it.
• How to discover different locations very accurately and determine the zero point.
• How to determine the locations of treasures and burials at great distances and direct and rapid identification.
• How it is not hindered by any obstacles and works in all desert areas
The rocky terrain with extreme efficiency and absolute accuracy.

How to work:
1 - How to raise the coordinates of the place required by the GPS device
Determines the longitude, latitude and altitude above sea level.
2 - How to measure the area and depth to be determined is agreed upon, but the minimum area is covered
Square side length 35 meters circumference 1225 meters and depth of 30 meters.
3 - How to work in any kind of soil and climate and is not affected by any natural obstacles in the place
4 - How to do a comprehensive survey of the piece to identify gaps and voids land
Comprehensive analysis of each meter of land for the presence of any precious metals of gold, silver and precious stones
But also how the underground is not portrayed in any case must meet certain conditions
Conditions to be met:

  1. The surface of the earth is disjointed, which is depicted as sandy soil
    2 - soil moisture pictured The more moisture in the ground the less the depth of radar imaging
    3 - soil cracks.
  • How are the analyzes and results:
    1 - How to analyze the blanks (GAP Detecting): Here we focus on blanks with a regular shape that are larger than 3 cubic feet.

2 - How to analyze (Ultra Microwave unichannel scanning) and this analysis to find out
Soil layers per foot as well as to discover rocks larger than 2 cubic feet.
3 - How is the collection of magnetic analyzes and magnetic deviation (because it was placed around each cemetery amount of wheat to save it from moisture, and over time this wheat turns into charcoal charcoal, and then turned to a magnet that prevents magnetic rays from penetrating the cemetery and neutralizes the magnetic beam ).
4 - How is the thermal conduction group (because the cemetery is completely insulated thermally, it prevents thermal transfer through the ground)
5 - How to analyze the elements of groundwater (because the proportion of salt concentration near the graves are high).
6 - How is the proportion of methane gas, ethane and propane (because methane gas is formed in the graves as a result of the decomposition of food and objects - and uncle produces the brutal wind that people smell).
7 - How the proportion of carbon and natural carbon resulting from the decomposition of wheat and food
8 - How the ratios of calcium carbonate.
9 - How to penetrate gamma rays (because the cemetery obscures the passage of gamma rays)
10 - Specific density of soil.
I hope you help me in a very necessary topic I am interested in a topic
(Can you help me extract actual mining resources such as gold, silver and diamonds buried underground? They penetrate the “optical” satellites and radar that the soil uses to identify surface structures or detect metals. There are satellites available for what this service can do through satellite imagery. SIC provides high resolution satellite imagery, please help me look for underground treasures.).

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I think it is much easier to use an advanced thermal camera to capture all the square feet around the suspected area of the buried treasure than to learn how to process satellite imageries if you are lucky enough to get such kinds of images from a geosat.
I see your questions as you are a geologist going to apply for a " geology area image analyzer job" though!