Goldstein Phase Filter fails if phase band is not virtual


I get an error that a band already exists when I try to apply a null mask to my workflow using Import-Vector and the Land-Sea-Mask operator. I have observed that after Land Sea Mask the Phase band is not virtual anymore and I get an error saying the phase band already exists The Product ... already contains a band with the name ....

When I remove the Land-Sea-Mask operator the Phase band is still virtual and I can apply Goldstein filtering. My problem was just a quick fix where I just moved Land-Sea-Mask to the end of the processing chain instead. I’m just wondering if it is intentional and filtering really needs a virtual band?

Processing workflow:

  1. TOPSAR-Split
  2. Apply Orbit File
  3. Back-Geocoding
  4. Enhanced Spectral Diversity
  5. Interferogram
  6. TOPSAR-Deburst
  7. Import Vector
  8. Land Sea Mask
  9. Multilook
  10. Goldstein Phase Filtering
  11. Snaphu Export