Google Earth Engine for SAR

I am new to Google Earth Engine and its application for SAR data.

I have signed up, but I don’t see any link to install it for data processing, or no it is just for data downloading? Please advise!

This is a forum for:

Google refer you to this page if you require help:, you’re likely to get more relevant information from there :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link. The SNAP one I am familiar with, the GEE link is more for the developers. I just want to simply know if there is a link to install sth related to GEE? Any SAR data available to define our area of interest and download… Literally, what is special about it when it comes to SAR analysis?

Thanks again

Not sure I’m understanding your question, but the link in your original post is indicating the datasets available for developers to use when using GEE.

If you want to get SAR Imagery for use within SNAP, I’d recommend using:

Having not used GEE I’m not sure on its specifics when it comes to SAR analysis but I can only assume it will do the same, if not less then SNAP has to offer.

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Earth Engine is running only in the cloud, so there is nothing to install. Sign up at if you have not already. You don’t need to download imagery for intermediate processing either.

EE does not have as many high-level operations available out of the box as the SNAP toolbox, but it has many normal low-level GIS and RS operations. Other users have already implemented some SAR-related operations, though.

If you tell me what is the specific end goal that you have in mind (eg, crop detection), I’ll see if this is possible in EE.

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Thanks for your helpful information, Simonf!

My project objective: SAR Time series Data analysis
Using the GEE Explorer: if I search for my ROI, I don’t see any S-1 data available on GEE!

can I have access to S-1 time series data?

And using the Code Editor, all I find for the time series is the code for Landsat, should I come up with my own python code, or SAR time series code is already available?Uploading…

Your advice is truly appreciated!

S1 is not available in the EE Explorer, so yes, you should use Code Editor. Find any relevant Landsat script and change the collection name to COPERNICUS/S1_GRD (plus make other changes to account for different band names etc). Again, I strongly encourage looking at the help forum first. Eg, Lee filter for despeckling:

Code Editor uses Javascript, not Python. We do have a Python client if you need it, but JS in Code Editor is easier to use for prototyping.