GPF: could not parse expressionMy xml-file


Dear colleagues,
I am working on bulk processing of Landsat data using GPT. The following error (…" could not parse expression…" ) is shown when running my script.

My xml-file is:

In the first node, I calculate three new bands (“dLCC”, “ndvi_master” and “ndvi_slave”) which are used in the second node to calculate a new band (“trend”). Unfortunately, it does not work.

Can you help me?
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when you write the expression in bandmath directly, Does give any error?

when the graph is ended after the first node, I get a three band product. Opening the new product in SNAP I see all three bands and I can calculate the band „trend“ as shown in my second node. But this is done manually. I will do it automatically.

That’s a bug in SNAP. To give the source products names only works if you have more than one. For a single product simply remove the $input. in your expression.

Now there is also an issue for it:

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Now it works. Thanks so much for your fast help :grinning: