Gpt and Snap performance parameters - exhaustive manual needed!

@obarrilero shouldn’t the configuration optimiser suggest that automatically?

I meant that you can modify the property of snap.jai.tilecache in the files of properties or directly in the command line when running gpt, by using the -c option from the command line. You can run gpt -h to obtain more information about the command line options of gpt.

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@mengdahl For the configuration optimiser we decided to compute it as the 70% of the memory dedicated to SNAP, but it depends a lot of the processing… Perhaps we should think more about it…

@marpet can I use variables in gpt.vmoptions e.g.

-include-options $HOME/custom.vmoptions ?

Yes, this should be possible.
At least it is documented for the installer we use:
install4j Help - VM parameters (
But I haven’t tried it myself yet.


Thanks! I’ll run a few tests and drop the outcome here. It definitely looks like it’s supported.

@marpet all good, gpt reads the custom options from $HOME/custom.vmoptions
Thanks for your support!