GPT batch processing can't loop through Sentinel-2 L2 data folder

I downloaded several L2 Sentinel-2 data for T50SPA in zip format and unzipped them into their sepcific folders, then I prepared a processing graph which integrated S2resampling and BiophysicalOp processors, and also a .properties parameter file,. Then I opend command line window and run processDataset.bat with the graph,parameter file. The data in the first folder was sucessfully processed with the progress indicator:… 11%…22%…33%…90% done. Then no subsequent processing loop happend ( it seemed hanged)! I check the first biophysicalOp result in SNAP and it is OK. I am puzzled why the batch can’t loop to the next source data folder, I didn’t modify anything in the ProcessDataset.bat.
Then I tried to interrupt the batch command with Ctrl-C in the CMD window, it responded with “Terminate batch processing(Y/N)?”, I Ctrl-C again and the magic thing happend! it looped to the next data folder and I got the biophysical output for this 2th source data folder. After it was done I Ctrl-C twice and it proceeded to the next data folder…Anyway, it seems a little cumbersome, I have to keep an eye on the batch queue,can anyone give me some tips for solving this inconvenience?
processDataset.bat (1.8 KB) (150 Bytes)
S2Resample_Biophysical.xml (973 Bytes)

This is probably the same issue as reported here:

As fix is on the way and will be released soon.