GPT command does not work in cmd

Hi All,

I have installed SNAPToolbox on my PC but gpt only works on Powershell and the SNAP commandline. I get the following error:

C:\Users\Ishack> gpt
Couldn't load main class.

I have set my enviromental variables:

But it’s still not working.

Any Ideas?

what happens if you enter the full path in your command line?
c:\program files\snap\bin\gpt.exe

Hi ABraun, it works, thanks but I would like to just enter gpt rather than enter the full path everytime. How can I do that ?

After you make changes in the environmental variable list, you have to restart your command line/ power shell before changes are permanently applied.

If this does not help, try to move the SNAP path variable to the top of your list (using the “Move Up” button)


I dont understand what you mean when you say move the SNAP path variable to the top of your list (using the “Move Up” button). I am new the to the cmd, Sorry

I am referring to the environmental variables list you posted earlier:

Oh great, Thanks, it finally works!

Thank you for your quick reply

Hi, sorry to reply to an old post but I now the get the same *Couldn't load main class.* error but in Jupyter Notebooks. It works well in the cmd.

What could be the issue?

Many Thanks,