GPT giving back diverse errors (after modifying graph file) for calibration node

Dear community,

I have some trouble running gpt to initially process sentinel data (Calibration, Terrain-Correction, Speckle-Filter ).
I was running the following commant in cmd:

gpt F:\SEN-1\SentinelData\ReadWriteGraph_PreProcessing_mod .xml -Pfile="S1A_IW_GRDH_1SDV_20150322T052555_20150322T052620_005140_0067AA_EF9A .SAFE\" -t "20150322"

The XML file was exported from the Graph Builder GUI and initially ‘prepared’ for the use in the command line, following the instructions in this post .Absolute beginner's guide to GPT.

the error i was getting before further editing the .xml-file was:
Error: Operator 'CalibrationOp': Illegal element 'selectedPolarisations'.

this is the utilized xml file (‘prepared’ for gpt):
ReadWriteGraph_PreProcessing_mod.xml (3.8 KB)

Because I’m working on a windows machine, I’m going straight with the manifest file, as gpt does not seem to be compatible with extracting from .zips at the moment (?). ( No product reader found for zip file of s1 iw product when using gpt command )

I then deleted the following elements (what i am not sure of if it was the right thing to do…):

<selectedPolarisations>VH,VV</selectedPolarisations> <outputSigmaBand>true</outputSigmaBand> <outputGammaBand>false</outputGammaBand> <outputBetaBand>false</outputBetaBand> <outputDNBand>false</outputDNBand>

from the “Calibration” node.
These lines are also missing in the Calibration help (gpt -h Calibration).

And the error changed to:
Calibration: Please select I and Q bands in pairs only Error: Calibration: Please select I and Q bands in pairs only

Could anybody give me a hint how to proceed? How to address the bands? And by any chance, how to complete the processing steps mentioned in the xml-file posted above?

Many, many thanks!

System information:
I’m on windows 8.1 and latest snap package (2.0.2).

When creating a graph in the Graph Builder, it will save all the parameters as they are for that particular scenario.
When reusing a graph on multiple products in the command line, you need to make sure it’s generic enough to handle all products.

Put back the parameters you removed from the graph. Instead make the polarization parameter empty

Also, check that the graph isn’t using a specific product in the file parameter reader and that the sourceBands parameter of calibration is also empty

Thank you for this rapid answer!

I tried again, as you suggested, with no file specific input in the graph file. It should be as generic as possible.

here is the xml file:
preprocessing15032016_3.xml (4.1 KB)

again, the error occurs:
Error: Operator 'CalibrationOp': Illegal element 'selectedPolarisations'.

Any ideas?
I have to process more than 100 images. hence, I would prefer using the graph xml file rather than using batched single commands due to the omission of multiple time consuming read and write processes…

I would appreciate any further help! Thank you very much!

After deleting the “illegal elements” as mentioned above (out of curiosity…), the error changed to:

Calibration: Mission SENTINEL-1A is currently not supported for calibration. Error: Calibration: Mission SENTINEL-1A is currently not supported for calibrati on.

Is that a fact? Or does still some mistake on my part cause the error message?
here is the (again) modified xml file used with gpt:
preprocessing15032016_3.xml (3.9 KB)

thats the complete error i’m getting when running the command with the -e flag:
error.txt (3.1 KB)