GPT in Linux terminal error (ASAR calibration)

here is the error when i invoke snap in linux terminal

here is script for that tscript (740 Bytes)
and graph tgraph_modi.xml (3.0 KB)

Actually I can’t see a real error in the terminal output.
All the warning and info messages are no errors. Even the severe message is not an error.
The last warning about the ASA_XCA_AP product type tells me that the calibration is initialised and the needed auxiliary data has been download and opened.
So actually it seems your processing runs fine. Don’t you see any output?

By the way. From the log output I notice that you still use an older version SNAP.
Please go in the SNAP menu to Help / Check for Updates and install the latest updates.
This might already solve issues you observe.

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thanks @marpet it is done yes got the output