GPT not able to download srtm tile

Hi all,

Did someone experienced the problem that GPT can’t download srtm tile, but Snap use as graphic mode can ?!

I don’t understand why this happen. I’m working on linux, executing both on Linux. My GPT command line create the output file from Terrain correction but the file stay at 0 KB. Command line say “illegal format” althought it works on Snap graphic mode…
I tried both on the same image with exactly the same parameters (with xml for gpt). It occurs also when I just call “Terrain Correction” opt in GPT.

I’m a bit lost here. Thanks for your help




are you using a proxy?

Nop i don’t

Sorry to up this topic but I have the same problem : I try to run an XML file which contains Terrain Correction supposed to download automatically SRTM by using gpt command line. However because of proxy (I think) it does not work. I tried to modify file to set the proxy but it still does not work :frowning: Any advice ?

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